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What are you doing on your vacation? Taking great photos for our annual readers issue, we hope

Our annual compendium of your photos will be Sept. 16, in print and online. Give us your best shot.

If you've never submitted a photo for our annual "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" issue, we have only one question: Why not?

If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, a Galaxy S8 or S9, you have a 12-megapixel camera with you. A Huawei P20 Pro? One of its three cameras is a 40MP model.

In terms of equipment, mobile phones have leveled the playing field. There are camera buffs who will use their DSLRs to great effect, but we've seen a huge increase in terrific entries that rely only on the cellphone camera.

Now all you need is the subject, which can be anything related to travel. Beautiful scenics. Folks having fun. Lighting that sets the subject aglow.

Crocodiles and caimans secrete “tears” that contain minerals that butterflies need. That's partly how Karen Share got this photo in Brazil's Pantanal. She made this photo while she was sitting in a bobbing boat--no small feat. (Karen Share)

Any of those could be part of our Sept. 16 photo issue, which will run online and in print.

We'll consider photos shot from Friday, May 25, through Monday, Sept. 3, 2018.

Our team of editors and photographers will evaluate the photos and make the selections accordingly.

What influences a decision to include a photo like Matt Cohen's shot (below) of a lavender field in France?

Matt Cohen captures just the right moment in this field in Provence, France. (Matt Cohen)

You should try to capture a moment — a child's look of joy, a wave that is about to crash on a beach, exquisite light that makes a scene look more like a painting.

Remember, this is for the Travel section, so a picture that shows us where in the world you spent your summer vacation — a photo that provides a sense of place — is important.

If you take photos of people, who are they and what is their story? Spontaneous action also earns points.

Here’s how to submit:

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