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Squab: A Primer

The illustrated history of squab, from ancient Egypt to Delmonico's.

  • Tony Wolf
  • Culinary Arts is an occasional illustrated look at what we eat.

    • Squab Recipes

      Feb. 14, 2018
    • Birdman

      Jan. 19, 2018
    • The Grill Is Confident, Theatrical, Sharp and New Yorky

      Dec. 22, 2017

      The former Grill Room of the Four Seasons now holds a restaurant with a full-battery charge.

    • Poultry Has a Pedigree at Le Coq Rico

      Jan. 20, 2018

      “Beautiful birds,” matured longer, are the attraction at this Manhattan spinoff of a Paris bistro.

    • A Sweet Italian Treat, in Comic Book Form

      June 24, 2017

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